The AppBus Platform enables organizations to leverage API-first integration and automation across all data and functionality to deliver fully connected experiences.

AppBus is a next-generation hybrid automation and integration platform that enables organizations to use API-led connectivity to integrate systems. This provides “connected” employee experiences, regardless of where the data or systems reside.  AppBus enables the completion of any task, simple or complex.

AppBus can run standalone or integrated with BA Insight’s SmartHub platform to create Digital WorkHubs that provide microservices to automate tasks and/or activity streams across multiple systems, reducing the need to visit and interact with each one individually.  It can perform a range of tasks, from simple to complex.

AppBus is an API-first, scalable hybrid integration and automation platform that works with all internal, external, and vendor systems. It can be deployed in your cloud, on-premises, in our cloud, or in a hybrid environment.

Key Capabilities:

Intelligent Automation

AppBus dispatches intelligent, automated APIs to perform actions and complete entire workflows.

Integration of Systems

Integrate all of your cloud-based/on-premise systems, regardless of whether they have APIs.

API-first Strategy

Expose RESTful Open-API endpoints across all your systems with no APIs, limited APIs and open systems. Easily create deep integrations across all such systems.

Integrated with Search

BA Insight’s Digital WorkHubs and AppBus enable users to quickly get to the data and information they need while also enabling them to complete entire business processes directly from within the WorkHub.

Admin Console

AppBus provides a friendly UI console for power users and integrators to utilize a Low-Code/No-Code drag and drop design studio to quickly create automations. Equally, IT staff, administrators and developers can go one step further by utilizing the advanced capabilities to rapidly build highly complex and intelligent integrations.

Centralized Testing

AppBus provides sandbox testing to visually reaffirm the quality of every automation and application integration during development, before it is deployed into a production environment.

Supports Multiple Platforms

AppBus can be deployed wherever required due to our flexible deployment options. It includes deployment in your cloud, our cloud, on-premise or a hybrid deployment.


AppBus is designed to automatically scale based on API load to deliver the most optimal user experience.

Flexible Deployment

AppBus can be used standalone or within a Digital WorkHub.

Key Benefits:

  • Deliver business results faster
  • Automate workflows and activity streams
  • Eliminate user and data error
  • Solve data connectivity problems
  • Reduce efforts by removing system switching
  • Low code/no code approach reduces project timeframes
  • Reduce customization and increase innovation
  • Improve productivity by bringing together data and actions
  • Delivers meaningful ROI