Making Clinical Integration Projects Easier and Faster

Veeva Announcement

For many years in the clinical trials space, integrating eClinical platforms together at study startup has been a challenge.  In Veeva’s 2018 Unified Clinical Operations, this interesting data was gathered: “Integrating multiple applications (74%) is the top challenge resulting from application and process silos.”  The reason this has been a challenge include a lack of data standards and a mix of eClinical vendors’ approaches to APIs.  Some eClinical vendors, like our partner Veeva, have well documented open APIs. Other vendors are closed by design, and others have significant API gaps or no APIs. Adding to the complexity of this issue is the fact that competing vendors often find themselves having to cooperate with each other, at a CRO or biotech company, adding an additional political delay to many integration projects.

The AppBus platform takes a very different approach to this problem.  It allows you to model how an end user would use an application, turn that into an automation, and then manage that end point as an API in the Open API format.  This has several benefits.  First, because AppBus can automate and drive applications to any state as part of an integration, complex clinical workflows become much more efficient and manual data entry is eliminated, creating cleaner study data.  Another benefit of this approach is the political challenge of getting competing vendors to work together is eliminated.  All that is needed to scope the work is to have the CRO or biotech subject matter experts, per application, available on a call, so the workflow can be modeled and the APIs created.  This is all done without changing the underlying source code of the applications.

If you are interested in seeing this approach in action, please join us and Veeva for this upcoming webinar.

Real-time operational insights are key to proactively identifying roadblocks, keeping studies on track, and providing effective study oversight. Join us and Veeva to:

  • Understand how flexible technology integrations can speed clinical trials
  • Learn the value of CTMS application integrations for study oversight in outsourced clinical trials
  • See a live demo of the AppBus Platform and Veeva Vault CTMS