Bridge the Gap in a Time of Need

We here at AppBus have obviously been giving thought to how we can be of immediate service to our customers during this unprecedented time. Recent events have brought to light immediate needs across the application landscape that may have not received the level of attention currently seen. Consider that the vast number of enterprises are tied to various legacy applications and systems that have prevented them from completing their digital transformation journey.

In one high profile example, a recent article in CNN highlighted states’ struggles to process the dramatically increased volume of unemployment claims due to their continued reliance on COBOL-based mainframe applications and their inability to previously modernize those systems due to the lack of access to COBOL programmers. These legacy applications are still delivering business logic as valuable today as it was 40 years ago – but they are siloed in their ability to extend out beyond the current value prop for functionality and usability.

Separately, we are all aware of the need for the US banking industry to turn on a dime and generate new process flows to support the CARES Act/Paycheck Protection Program application process for small businesses. With the overflow of activity taking place across the 3000+ financial institutions taking on this service and the need to pull in information across a variety of data sources, both internally and externally, building out automation through the creation of APIs where none currently exist with no code changes may be an immediate necessity.

AppBus delivers a solution that bridges the API gap across any application, especially those legacy applications (mainframe, Java, .Net, HTML, etc.) that were not built with a robust set of APIs, to allow them to easily interoperate with other more modern applications to drive critical workflows. We believe that quickly standing up scalable and performant integrations between all legacy and modern, internal and external systems, with no code changes required, is the key for handling the immediate demands of our customers (and their customers).

For a quick look into how AppBus can be used to quickly build web services on top of legacy applications with minimal resources required, take a look at this short video…. Extending Legacy Applications.

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