Breaking Barriers

Digital Transformation (DX) is not a new topic, yet it remains a hot topic. Just do a quick search and it will reveal broad results around enterprise technology architecture, transformation of user experiences and how digital transformation is changing the role of the CIO and CTO. You will also find a new role that is sharing the digital transformation challenge, the Chief Digital Officer (CDO).

As topics and content continue to expand in scope and meaning, one constant remains survey results and articles about the barriers to digital transformation.

In 2017, released a Harvard Business Review report finding that although digital transformation efforts are underway in a majority of organizations, enterprises still struggle with a number of common issues: an inability to experiment quickly, legacy systems, and difficulties working across silos.

Another article published in 2019 on focused on a recent survey of 1000 top C-level execs about their biggest DX ‘barriers’. One-third of organizations surveyed cited insufficient budget and 22 percent cited the inability to experiment quickly. And again, having legacy systems was the top response, at 41 percent.

These are just two examples of articles centered on the same topic with similar survey results around DX barriers. This topic continues to appear in search results… but it doesn’t have to.

AppBus is the only digital business platform that fast-tracks integration to generate end to end process automation while enabling secure application delivery to any device. It is our mission to accelerate the digital transformation experience. We remove integration issues and place you in the digital eco-system driver’s seat.

We have accounted for and removed the barriers so companies can focus on ALL of their users’ experiences which drive the bottom line.

Contact us today and let’s discuss how we can remove your barriers to true digital transformation.

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