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Why AppBus?

AppBus provides a simple way to API enable your legacy applications. It uses many of the same techniques used to create RPA integrations, but focuses specifically on API design, deployment, scaling and monitoring.

01. Design

AppBus Studio provides a way for developers to design, test and deploy APIs that they build against legacy systems. There is a strong focus on developer experience, with many of the operations and security concerns handled by AXP. 

02. Deploy

When it comes time to deploy your APIs, developers can easily upload to AppBus Cloud, or deploy on-prem. AppBus Cloud takes care of the various security, scaling and monitoring concerns.

03. Scale

For RPA to be treated like a true API it needs to scale. Many of the APIs made with AppBus AXP can run in AppBus Cloud and benefit from containerized deployments. AppBus workers will scale up and down depending on the load on the API. 

AppBus in Action

AppBus End to End Demo