We provide a connector-based software portfolio that solves internal enterprise search problems by deploying internet-like search within your existing infrastructure. Our technology delivers unparalleled enterprise search experiences that focus on users – delivering highly personalized and relevant results. By bringing the internet to the enterprise, we help maximize the value of intranet and digital transformation projects.

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We are passionate about what we do because we believe enterprise search is broken.

As internet search continues to evolve and provide a better user experience, business leaders are mired with internal complaints because their knowledge workers, who are searching “store-by-store”, can’t find what they are looking for inside their organizations. This frustrates employees, creates a poor experience, and has a negative impact on productivity.

Employees Are Frustrated and Wasting Valuable Time

Each day knowledge workers around the world waste an enormous amount of time searching for documents and data across corporate intranets and other enterprise infrastructure.  These are the same workers who can take out a smartphone or tablet and immediately locate a nearby restaurant or compare hotel prices around the globe. They are frustrated that this type of internet search simply isn’t available within their corporate intranets when navigating the many data stores across their own organizations.

With enterprises maintaining more data than ever spread across a variety of growing applications and data stores—both on-premise and in the cloud—the problem is only intensifying.

Frustrated with Search

What’s At Stake? It’s In the Numbers

Analyst firms and organizations have conducted studies and analyzed data to try to better understand the productivity loss that occurs when employees cannot find the information needed to do their jobs. The amount of time that is being wasted is eye opening. For example:

  • Employees spend 1.8 hours every day searching and gathering information *McKinsey
  • 61% of knowledge workers regularly access four or more systems to get the information they need to do their jobs, 30% access seven or more, and 15% access 11+ systems *IDC
  • 57% of employees state that difficulty finding the right information is a top contributor to lagging productivity *8×8

We Make Information as Easy to Find Inside an Organization as it is Outside

The ability to instantly find personalized, relevant information and gain insights from the vast amount of data that resides across a variety of content sources is key to improving organizational productivity and morale.

Our technology solves the enterprise search problem by providing an internet-like search experience to organizations, turning their searches into valuable results. We help organizations that rely on people who need information improve the findability of that information.

It doesn’t matter:

  • Where your content resides
  • Where your users are
  • Which applications they work in

…we connect knowledge to knowledge seekers.

Unlike other solutions that involve complicated, closed platforms that can take months or years to deploy, our modular, scalable software portfolio can be deployed quickly based on current and future needs.

Our software portfolio consists of:

Our software can be managed by us with our search as a cloud service, or you can implement and manage it within your own environment.

Benefits of BA Insight:

  • Best of breed strategy enables you to select the search engine(s) and AI platform(s) of your choice
  • Relevant, personalized results anytime – regardless of where users and the information reside
  • “In-App” search from many of the applications your users work in seamlessly integrates search into their work practices
  • Fully scalable deployments – whether you have 500 or 500,000 users
  • Flexibility to host our software within your environment or have BAI monitor and manage it, freeing up your resources for other activities
  • Low total cost of ownership with our no customization approach

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