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Benefits of a Unified Hyperautomation Platform


In my previous blog, I covered some of the challenges and limitations with hyperautomation solutions in typical enterprise implementations. In this blog, I propose a new way to overcome these limitations by unifying both automation and integration into a single platform. Automation and Integration – Better Together Automation and Integration platforms are used mostly independently […]

The Limitations of First-Generation Hyperautomation Platforms

In this blog, I discuss the limitations of existing first-generation standalone Automation and Integration platforms. In a follow up blog, I will propose how to overcome these limitations. Automation Automation is usually defined as the mechanism of automating tasks normally performed by humans.  There are many benefits to Automation, which are usually equated with RPA […]

Three Great Reasons to Adopt an API-first Strategy Using OpenAPI

API Picture

Organizations that adopt an API-first strategy and standardise around the OpenAPI specification are more able to respond to challenges faster than traditional organizations. In this article we look at what API-first means, what the OpenAPI specification is, and then get into three reasons why embracing an API-first strategy will yield rewards for organizations today. We […]

Making Clinical Integration Projects Easier and Faster

Veeva Announcement

For many years in the clinical trials space, integrating eClinical platforms together at study startup has been a challenge.  In Veeva’s 2018 Unified Clinical Operations, this interesting data was gathered: “Integrating multiple applications (74%) is the top challenge resulting from application and process silos.”  The reason this has been a challenge include a lack of […]

RPA & API Management: The Great Convergence

The RPA market is reaching an interesting inflection point. The lines that traditionally separated APIs from bots are beginning to blur. What is driving this trend, and what does it mean to organizations looking to tackle digital transformation initiatives?   For a long time, there was a clear separation between RPA and API management tools. […]

Bridge the Gap in a Time of Need

We here at AppBus have obviously been giving thought to how we can be of immediate service to our customers during this unprecedented time. Recent events have brought to light immediate needs across the application landscape that may have not received the level of attention currently seen. Consider that the vast number of enterprises are […]

An Authentic Game Changer – But Don’t Just Take Our Word For It

Nothing gets us more pumped up than to read an article or blog by a technology authority who ‘gets it.’ We are excited to be the focus of Andrew Mallaband’s latest article published on LinkedIn. For those that don’t know Andrew, he is a highly respected technology executive who has a gift, and the experience, […]