Challenging Adversity Breeds Inspiration, Innovation and an Opportunity to Overcome, TOGETHER!

These are extremely challenging times. The COVID-19 virus pandemic is forcing everyone to rethink what is normal. When change is thrown upon us it is often the cause of great anxiety and stress. Change must also be viewed as an opportunity. A chance to view things from a different angle. Society and businesses are being asked to respond to this pandemic in urgent and unexpected ways. We humans are creative beings and when faced with adversity on this scale respond with acts that inspire and innovate in surprising ways.

Businesses are under great stress right now to support employees having to distance themselves and work from home, while at the same time comply with the law on data privacy, and be on guard for cyberthreats that may seek to take advantage of this situation. While doing all of this they need to be super-agile to adapt to the new world that will follow but are shackled with old applications that appear on the surface to be out of place. At AppBus, our founders have been thinking about these challenges for many years and in the spirit of wanting to help everyone get through this difficult time we want to spend a moment sharing how our technology might help. Our mission is to extend the life and reach of applications to empower the modern employee.

As companies rationalize their information assets and applications, it is incumbent to extend and modernize when possible. Our technology, AXP (Application eXtension Platform) accelerates API creation and delivery to allow businesses to bring older applications into the modern API era by applying digital workers to robotically drive user interfaces through modern API requests, and then surface the results of their work as API responses. Today, the most agile of businesses are tasking application engineers to come up with innovative ways to support the business and provide the modern supportive environment employees of the future demand. They can only do this if existing applications can participate in this API economy. Our founders have been working on application automation technology for years and we have recently married this to modern cloud services and placed it into the API domain.

Imagine having an on ramp for all your applications, regardless of age, that surfaces them as OpenAPI compatible APIs that are consumable by modern applications and integration platforms such as: Mulesoft Anypoint, Apigee, Dell Boomi or Software AG and others.

As a business in today’s difficult and challenging times, if you want to accelerate API creation on existing applications to feed innovation in application development and integration, then please get in touch. We would welcome the opportunity to help you get through this difficult time and make your business successful in supporting your employees.

When change happens as fast as it is today, innovation and inspiration are the foundations on which we build the new future. We will take advantage of this opportunity to overcome, TOGETHER! Stay strong.

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