Protect Enterprise Data against Cloud and SaaS Threats


A Fortune 100 financial services company committed to implement a workforce automation software solution, with a dual deployment model [SaaS (Delivered via the cloud) and on-prem (installed and executing on each agent’s desktop)]. The security team would not allow such an agent on the desktop, as this could expose internal company and customer information to an outside malicious actor, as well as allow a malicious remote take-over of an agent’s desktops from outside the firewall.


AppBus Digital Workspace technology was used to secure cloud application access to both the internal network and to desktop components in global contact centers. The AppBus solution provided the following business value:

  • Provided a zero-trust compliant network security wrapper around third-party desktop application access to cloud 
  • Delivered a network filter that intercepted, validated and logged all network traffic between third-party components
    • Automatic logging of all network traffic between desktop application and cloud server component to customer’s Splunk instance
    • Automatic filtering of all network traffic between cloud and desktop component, allowing only approved information to leave the internal network and only approved commands to be sent from the cloud to internal network
    • Prevented the malicious take-over of internal desktops and information theft from internal network by forming an effective sandbox around the desktop agent

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