PHILADELPHIA, PA – February 18, 2020 – AppBus, an accelerator of business transformation, today announced it has partnered with Plecosystems (Pleco), a systems integration leader in the Life Sciences space. Using the AppBus platform, Pleco can now increase the speed of application integrations for clinical trials. Because the AppBus platform can integrate applications together without touching the source code of the applications, the speed of study startup is vastly increased. Further, the AppBus platform allows for the automation of complex processes, therefore improving the efficiency of clinical operations and allowing for cleaner data across studies.

“Our application and integration expertise, for both sponsors and CROs, has enabled us to deliver an events-based architecture with AppBus,” said Pleco CEO, Warren Casey. “Pleco, with its strategic partnerships, has access to 2500 plus consultants and technical resources to meet the immediate demands of this market opportunity.”

The AppBus eXperience Platform provides the power and flexibility to adapt in an ever-changing technology landscape. The platform preserves and extends existing investments in technology while allowing businesses to accelerate adoption of innovations needed to remain competitive.

“Every sponsor and CRO should have the opportunity to partner with AppBus, as they are extremely knowledgeable in all aspects of Clinical integrations,” stated Ed Leftin, Director of IT at Ora Clinical. “They are super responsive and a great company to work with. Our project went smoothly from beginning to end.”

“As the number of systems and overall complexity within clinical trials grows exponentially, AppBus and Pleco are redefining how guided process automation can accelerate and improve clinical outcomes,” stated AppBus CEO, Bill Conners. “We provide a reliable plug and play automation model, not a brittle point to point model.”

About Plecosystems
Plecosystems offers a new approach to digital strategy and execution. We deconstruct the digital value chain into executable blocks, and merge our understanding of the tech landscape with innovative solutions to critical challenges. For more information, please visit

About AppBus
AppBus transforms and reliably automates businesses with intelligence, agility, and ease. Our solution automates API creation across decades of legacy applications. AppBus enables the rapid creation of robust application integrations in combination with reliable process automation. We serve primarily the Life Sciences and Financial Services industries. Please visit us at

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