PHILADELPHIA, PA November 22, 2019 – Two Philadelphia-based next generation companies have announced the formation of a partnership. Custom House Technology Consultants has partnered with AppBus, significantly increasing their mutual capabilities and value for clients. Together, Custom House and Appbus will provide a solution that meets a critical market need.

The Artificial Intelligence (AI) market reached almost $24B in revenue in 2018 and is expected to grow to over $200B in the next 5 years. Many applications of AI are dependent upon the ability to access and analyze large data sets. This is a challenge for many companies because data is stored in a number of disparate systems – including mainframes – that have no native abilities to interact.

The combination of the AppBus eXperience Platform (AXP) and Custom House’s AI capabilities provides clients the ability to apply advanced machine learning techniques between data sets and business systems that would have been previously closed to each other. These capabilities unlock market segments where the application of AI was either too complicated or too expensive, but now can easily and effectively be addressed. The application of these capabilities extends into multiple industries and verticals and does not require large infrastructure investments by any company.

“We’re very excited to integrate AppBus’ capabilities into our solutions. The use cases that this partnership allows our solutions to address increased dramatically. We value the opportunity to deliver business value to our clients in healthcare, financial services, and essentially most global industries,” said William Houston, Partner and Senior Vice President at Custom House. “AppBus is truly a game-changer for our clients.”

“Custom House Technology Consultants represents the perfect partner for AppBus,” stated Bill Conners, President and CEO of AppBus. “We can complement their AI and ML offerings well. Our commitment to making the programmatic enterprise a reality will be greatly enhanced with this partnership.”

About AppBus

AppBus ushers in a new era of optimization to ensure positive business outcomes. Bringing people, processes, and applications together to transform business at scale. The AppBus solutions accelerate the process by streamlining the creation of robust integrations with guided process automation designed to amplify the productivity of employees. At AppBus, we empower the modern workforce to reach their full potential.

About Custom House Technology Consultants

Custom House Technology Consultants is a Philadelphia-based Artificial Intelligence Services company that is focused on applying advanced machine learning and natural language techniques to unlock hidden value and capabilities for our clients. Custom House draws on decades of experience in the machine learning business to enable clients to visualize the benefits of AI, then build and operationalize solutions that live and grow with the client. Imagine that you could have a conversation with your data… what would it tell you?

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