Turn frustrated employees into productive teams by providing a connected experience across all applications. 

Hyperautomation for organizations that want innovative ways to make digital transformation work.

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Replace your application silos
with connected systems.

Your users deserve to access the data they need now.

Does your organization run on connected applications? Most IT Leaders are mired with internal complaints because knowledge workers have to go system by system to do their job. Not having an integrated and connected experience slows down their projects and wastes project collaboration time, causing the organization to lose money.

Help your enterprise get a return on information. Give your teams a connected and integrated enviornment so they can do what they need – now.

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Stop coding unsustainable integrations

AppBus API-Driven Platform

Our software helps organizations be more productive with connected and integrated experiences.

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User Experience

Create meaningful user experiences for your employees

Employees spend an inordinate amount of time navigating between systems, copying/pasting and searching for relevant information. The AppBus Integration and Automation platform enables the creation of a simplified and unified user experience across multiple systems and applications. Powered by the next-generation, cloud-first RPA technology with API enablement, AppBus eliminates the drudgery and error-prone, repetitive manual processes – freeing employees to do meaningful, valuable work.

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Model and automate human behavior across all apps

AppBus can automate any enterprise application, from deep legacy to modern, cloud apps. AppBus Studio provides a low-code/no-code way for developers to design, test and deploy APIs that they build against legacy systems. Scheduled execution, jobs, and REST APIs can be created on top of all browser or Windows applications. Once automated, human tasks can be consumed by new or refactored applications, and they can also become part of a new business process or automation initiative.

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Enable modern, microservice integration patterns

The AppBus API-first platform creates Open API-enabled REST endpoints on top of any application, system, or workflow, something previously only possible with a major and costly system rewrite. APIs create abstraction layer and enable integration with modern systems and applications, from AI to Chatbots to cloud-based SaaS products and technologies. With the AppBus low-code/no-code Flow, workers enable the creation of application integration patterns that combine any number of systems in a process that itself is exposed as an API endpoint, ready to be integrated and consumed by other applications.

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Adding AppBus to enterprise infrastructure turns frustrated employees into productive teams who can do what they need.

“Eliminating manual processes and application silos with automation to streamline trials was a key focus for us, but it’s always a challenge to connect systems due to unreliable closed APIs. The collaboration with BA Insight from the beginning provided a strong foundation, so we knew we could trust them to deliver other integrations for us.”

Edward Leftin - Director, Information Systems / Ora

“With AppBus we were able to integrate, automate, and deliver an adverse events workflow across multiple systems. The innovative breakthrough for us was our ability to integrate applications that do not have APIs, removing the need to touch the source code. The automation within these integrations dramatically improved the efficiency of how we process adverse events.”

Hunter Walker - CTO / Atlantic Research Group

“The AppBus Platform allows enterprises to rationalize their application portfolios. AppBus enables businesses to selectively modernize and API-enable the information assets that are mission critical. AppBus bridges the API gap with their Serverless Automation capabilities. Every enterprise needs the ability to API-enable legacy applications to preserve revenue streams”

CTO / Leading GSI

should be easy.

Connect your existing applications

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Add more automations

Enhance your connected user experience based on feedback

Get the right results

Your users deserve to access
the data they need now

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Hybrid Automation and Integration

The AppBus Platform enables organizations to leverage API-first integration and automation across all data and functionality to deliver fully connected experiences.

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