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Open API-Driven Smart Automation

Integrate your applications, regardless of whether they have APIs, and improve your business productivity.

De-risk your digital transformation.

Many digital transformation initiatives fail because there is no simple or cost-effective way to access existing applications or automate tasks. AppBus uses open APIs to power automation and connect applications to remove complex and error prone tasks, saving thousands of dollars.

api links to data

Why AppBus?

API-First Design

Everything in AppBus is OpenAPI compatible, making it easy to create deep integrations

Clear ROI

Low code, no code approach eliminates expensive implementations and increases operational efficiencies

Path to Unified Systems and Processes

AppBus is the path to unifying systems, regardless of whether they have APIs



Integrating Applications Should Be Easy​

Open API-based approach

secure and scalable API

Secure and highly scalable

Time is Money

Low cost and time to value

Works with Cloud or Legacy

Works with modern and legacy on-premises and cloud-based systems