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We bridge the performance gap
of enterprise integration and automation

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Quickly bring applications, processes, and systems together

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Modernize applications to ensure positive business outcomes

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Drive Continuous Innovation

Easily control effective digital transformations across the enterprise

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That’s the idea behind AppBus:
Organize and simplify interactions with applications to help your employees navigate the workflow of business processes and their associated tasks.

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Enable efficient and cost-effective processes; implement in a fraction of the time
Service Creation on applications that don’t have APIs
While reducing infrastructure requirements and costs
Experience cloud performance
Positively impact key performance indicators to gain a competitive advantage
Empower a more productive workforce
Align processes to drive the performance of systems and people
Enable access to all information assets

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With AppBus, all of this is possible without the need to replace or re-engineer your existing IT applications, enabling rapid and cost-effective digital transformation.

Some words about us

Our Mission: Empower the Modern Employee

AppBus ushers in a new era of optimization to ensure positive business outcomes. Bringing people, processes, and application together to transform business at scale.

The AppBus solution accelerates the process by streamlining the creation of robust integrations with guided process automation designed to amplify the productivity of employees.

Our Vision: Enable the Workforce to Reach its Full Potential


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Stay current on evolving business solutions and problems facing today’s modern companies. Learn why AppBus is a thought leader in accelerating digital transformation eXperiences.

Stop Guessing. Clouds will be used by enterprises.

The digital business era has spawned countless innovations in IT technologies that have revolutionized enterprise business models into what we now know as the modern digital business. Among them are two technologies – hybrid multi-cloud architecture and robotic process automation (RPA) – that seem singularly different (indeed, operating at extreme ends of the IT spectrum), but actually share common ground.

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Why the Future of Work Will Change

There are several important factors that are and will continue to drive organizations to re-think how work is done going forward.

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A New Frontier in Augmented Intelligence

On December 9th, 1968, Doug Englebart—American engineer, inventor, and early computer pioneer—catapulted computing into the modern age with a jaw-dropping and highly influential computer demonstration now widely known as “The Mother of All Demos.” Englebart’s extensive research proved that computers could do much more than crunch numbers—they could actually augment the intelligence of workers to make them more effective.

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The future of computing is human—and context-aware

“With all of this discussion of automation technology, however, one fact remains steadfast: Business processes are mostly about humans and the work that they do. Process automation technology will continue to improve as it has for centuries, but the real story here is a human one.”

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